The Redeemer is Coming: Evil Cannot Win

I sat on the couch this morning watching this video, tears freely and unashamedly running down my face. Maybe its partly because I am carrying this little life inside of me, and already I can’t imagine losing this baby. I can’t fathom the pain and confusion that Emilie’s family, and all the other families affected by the Sandy Hook shooting experienced. But my heart soared as this short video came to a close, when Emilie’s mom herself affirmed that somewhere in all of evil and darkness, good, grace, and God are triumphing. The Redeemer is coming!! We are part of a bigger story, and that is how we push through the dark days, the hard days, the days that make our hearts hurt. Our dark days stir in us a longing for and expectation of the Redeemer’s second coming when He will right all the wrongs. I hope you’ll take the few minutes to watch this video. Remember the gift of a sacrificed Son, remember the real and present hurt of families affected by tragedy throughout our world, remember the hope of a bright future. Weep with Emilie’s family, then wipe your tears and rejoice with them. The Redeemer is coming!!


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