Review: Anything

Five star book, in my opinion. I really loved Anything and was definitely challenged by it. It is on the list of a very few books that I will most likely read again (and probably before too long) – which is saying a lot because I can only think of less than a handful of books that I have ever re-read.

41TwT7L7xWL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Anything was a timely read for me, too, so I’m sure that plays into it, but Jennie shares very honestly and candidly her journey through meeting Christ, actually getting to know Him and Who He is, and then letting that friendship radically change her life. This book did not trap me in guilt, like many books similar to this have done before, rather it compelled me to offer up anything in my life to Christ because that just makes sense.

Have you really met Jesus? Do you truly believe He is real? Because that truth must change the way you do life. Heaven is real, it is coming, eternity is much bigger than now, and if we live our little lives for what we can accumulate and accomplish on this earth, we will miss the big picture, and oh how sad to stand before the throne with empty plastic crowns because we chased the wrong dreams.

“God is calling us to this alternate universe, as Lucy was – to push through the fur coats in the closet to get to Narnia and Aslan. He wants to press us through our doubts so we can see the other eternal story going on, of which we are actually a crucial part.” (48)

Jennie talks about how God shifted her view from the house with the cute curtains, the kids in the safe neighborhood, and the friendly Starbucks dates being the measure of her success to stepping back and offering everything in her life to God, giving Him the opportunity to take anything. That’s a scary place to be. From my perspective, it’s not even enough to step out and say “God, I’ll do this for you. This should be big enough.” It’s not about what I do for Him, it’s about what I offer up to let Him do with me.

Processed with MoldivAnd you know what? When she offered up everything to God, He gave her so much. He made her life beautiful and full and satisfying. Was it the easiest thing in the world? No, and Jennie mentions that this is an ongoing struggle in her own heart, to consistently and regularly offer up her anythings. But she has met God, and she can catch glimpses of heaven, and she is convinced that this – this total surrender of herself to Him – is the better way to live.

“God seems real because she can see him from the edge.” (about Katie Davis) (79)

“What we once did in order to ‘matter’ or to ‘be seen’ we forgot all about. We matter and are seen because of love. Because there is an object to our actions, we move and love and restore not to matter but because we have been moved, loved, and restored.” (119)

If you have met Jesus, and want a real relationship with Him, and care for His glory, then I would highly recommend this book to you. Live in light of eternity. 

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