The Stuff of Dreams


Sometimes the coming-true part of dreams doesn’t look like it did in your head. 

I’m a dreamer. Are you? Now, I’m one of those dreamers who often starts and rarely finishes, which is a problem. But, I still dream. Last week, I had a moment where I had to stop and really notice, this moment was my dream coming true. That picture at the beginning of the post? I edited in the sparkles. There were no sparkles last week when I was sweeping out the Hope Center of Sumel. Actually, it felt like a sweaty, dusty, dirty day that I would be ready to be done with. But, then in a moment, God nudged me to stop and to see the dream coming true. I needed to acknowledge Him in that moment, to see Him as fulfilling the prayer from the 3×5 card on my bathroom mirror in Istanbul.

In 2011, Jeremy and I started brainstorming an organization that would use my love of education, his love of intercultural relations, and our shared love of travel to make a difference in the world. At the time, we chose to name it Rev59, because we were inspired by Revelation 5:9 and the promise that God has made that He will ransom people from “every tribe and language and people and nation.” We wanted to be a part of that promise. I remember the 3×5 card I had that had the verse written on it and this phrase “Don’t let this dream go to ashes.”

Here we are, 4 years later, and we have signed a contract for a space in Sumel, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq to do educational programming with kids affected by the conflict in Iraq. This is the dream coming true! It looks absolutely nothing like I had ever envisioned . . .


. . . especially with the 7.5 month belly and the little munchkin running around behind me in 93 degree weather at the end of September. But when I stopped and saw the dream, and tried to see the clouds of dust as sparkles instead, my heart soared.

God was doing it. He planted the dream, and He is bringing it to fruition. Somehow, He keeps directing our steps, and even when we feel like we are stumbling along in the dark and can’t possibly be going the right way, He is there. And when the lights come on, we realize He has been there all along, preparing our path, making sure we kept moving forward.

What are you dreaming about today, friend? What is it that you want God to do with your story? Work hard, yes. We work so hard to chase the dreams that God gives us, to faithfully give back to Him because of all He has done for us, but let me also encourage you to stop and see the dreams coming true. Notice when He answers the prayer. Rejoice! Do a happy dance! Celebrate! He is at work, and when we fail to see it, we fail to see Him. We miss out on how great and marvelous He really is. How much of a great and kind Father He is to us.

The next time you’re tempted to complain, as I may have been about the swirling dust clouds and beads of sweat running down my face, look around you – see what He is fulfilling in the moment. And when you smile at the dreams He is fulfilling, go ahead – start asking Him for more. He is big God who loves His children to dream big dreams for His glory.

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