For the One Whose Tears Refuse to Fall

For the one whose tears refuse to fall

Deep within myself there lies,
A heart – to watch the world go by,
with all its life, its lows, its highs,
And in response, that heart oft cries.

It cries for bad, for hard, for good,
It cries because it sometimes should,
Because this life demands response,
And crying shows my heart has pulse.

And it’s okay! For I know One
Who catches every tear that comes
He holds them and he knows them all,
But –

what when my tears refuse to fall?

When days on end, my heart limps on
Through tragedies and triumphs won
And not a tear escapes that heart,
Have I begun to come apart?

When friends hate friends and think they’re right:
When laundry loads are pink, not white;
When dreams come true and hope is real;
When terrorists such young lives steal;

When babies hurt and diapers break;
When plans we made we must remake;
When no one seems to understand,
When someone does and holds your hand…

When all of these are lived and yet,
My heart is quiet, tears unshed.
“Oh God!” I cry, “Are you not there?
Your image does my heart still bear?

Has stone replaced the heart you gave,
Does mine lie in a muffled grave?”
Til in His grace, His truth He shares,
“For tears unshed, I also care,

I know the heart that hurts with grief,
That thinks the tears will bring relief,
But daughter, called, and loved, and known,
By tears is not your heartbeat shown.

Your heart was won by love that lived,
That felt and cried and hurt and bled,
That died and rose again to gain
The full reward His victory claimed:


Your heart, once slaved, now bought and free,
Was won by Him hung on that tree,
And so, dear one, when tears don’t come,
It’s not for you to fear what’s wrong –

For tears move none here well enough
To heal the holes and smooth the rough,
And He who can change Your hurt heart,
Needs no tears to do His part.”

God – may we all, tears or no tears, through the triumphs and tragedies of this life find our completion – our champion on the good days, and our comforter on the bad ones – in You. May we know that You hold our hearts in Your hands, and that You desire the best for our eternal good, and Your present glory. Let us not become so focused on our own feelings that we miss the beauty and glory of the Cross in our pain. 

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