Love Never Fails

Ellie Holcomb has a beautiful album called “As Sure As the Sun” which has been on repeat in my head, on my phone, and in the car for the last several months. {If you have Amazon Prime you can stream the entire album for free! Highly recommended!}

One of the songs is “Love Never Fails.”

I remember driving around when I first started listening to this album and wanting to skip the song, because in my head I argued with Ellie, “Yes it does, Ellie. Love does fail, and I can give several scenarios to prove it.”

But lately I’ve been letting that song sit more in my heart, and reminding myself that love, in the real sense, is an essence of God’s character, and His character of love never fails. As I’ve been reading through the Psalms recently, I’ve seen examples of Him remembering His steadfast love, and His steadfast love never failing, and even when His people made grave mistakes, He didn’t withhold His steadfast love from them.

And so, I’ve been revisiting the song, and actually praying along with Ellie, “Help me believe that this is true, help me to love like you do, help me to live like love never fails.”

So, even when we see love failing on a daily basis, is it possible to live like love doesn’t fail? Is it possible to live with the love of God informing our hearts? I hope so, and today I want to walk through the song and examine a love that never fails in the context of family.

Let’s be honest, this is just me walking through the song, and asking questions of my own heart in my own context, but I hope and pray it is an encouragement to you to do the same.

Love is patient, Love is kind

How do I respond to the sixteenth exclamation of the construction vehicles, or the like-new realization of the characters that we pass every day when we leave the apartment complex? How do I treat those I share my house with?  Do I make an effort to compliment and praise them?

Love doesn’t wait to cross over to the other side

When I am feeling unloved or uncared for, do I isolate myself and feel pity for myself until my family notices and changes something? Or do I continue to love like God loves, even if I feel that it’s not reciprocated? Do I jump to actively love my husband and my kids? Do I keep making the coffee and favorite dinners, playing games and reading the same books, washing the clothes and cleaning the house even if it is not met with the response I hope for?

Well it’s worth never giving up, It’s worth holding on!

Do I believe that love is a worthy pursuit? Do I think that it matters what love looks like in my house? Do my beliefs compel me to pursue and demonstrate Calvary love? Does love keep me at the table, talking through the hard conversations rather than running to the closet or leaving the house?

Love doesn’t strut, It is not proud

Do I hold myself in a higher position in my heart than those in my house? Do I secretly put myself on a pedestal because of something I think or do or believe that in my mind is better than what they do?

Love will make sure to be seeking others out

Do I ‘check-in’ on the hearts of my family members? Do I ask why they’ve been quiet or upset? Do I question the hard things, like if they’re walking with Jesus and guarding their hearts?

Love doesn’t try to keep the score, It sides with forgiveness

Do I hold things over those in my household? Do I count how many times I got up with the baby in the night, or how many times I cooked in a week, how many diapers I changed? Do I let numbers inform my readiness to give? Do I easily forgive my family members, even if they don’t ask for it?

Love has eyes that see your pain, Love will never run away

Do I step into the hard situations that family is facing? Do I offer more than pity or condolences, but an actual posture of love that will not shy away from both real confrontation and real comfort? Do I sit in the hard places holding hands and crying with my spouse, kids, brothers, sisters, mother, father? Do I embrace discomfort of my own for the sake of the love of the cross?

It holds out hope, It holds out trust

Do I offer true hope from the true source in times of heartache? Do I point to Jesus and the reality of His love and truth and how that meets my family where they are? Do I offer more than platitudes, but a personification of real change?

Love will always be enough

Do I believe that God’s love is enough for me? Do I let God’s love complete me, and not require anyone else in my family to fulfill that role that they cannot? Do I let God’s love fill me up so I can pour it out?

Love never fails, and that’s a promise
Love never fails, help me believe it

Help me to trust that this is true
Help me to love just like You do
Oh, Lord help me to live like
Love never fails! 

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