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Barker36hello there! Thank you for coming by *Just Footnotes*.

I believe, friend, that we are not here by accident, but I also know that we don’t belong here. We were made for another Kingdom, another world. And it’s coming! But, we live in the here and now, the world that we call home, but we know isn’t.

This temporary home is filled with little bits of everything: extreme beauty and happiness, but also inexplicable pain and wearying brokenness. Living here can be tiring and hard, and also exhilarating and beautiful.

This blog is a smattering of all of it, the good and the bad, the dark and the light, and our part in fighting for a Kingdom that we cannot yet see. It is a call to living an inter, counter, and cross-cultural life in this in between while we are waiting for home. I hope you’ll find encouragement, motivation, and a bit of inspiration to live in this world as a Kingdom citizen.


I’m kylie, and I am thankful that God began pursuing me as a young girl. I have known Jesus for more than 20 years, and it continues to get sweeter and harder and better. I married my best friend in 2009. We spent a year finishing school in Wisconsin before moving to Turkey and spending three years living and working there. I taught English to University & Kindergarten students, and we started exploring some passions and dreams related to education and the globe.

In 2013 we moved to Washington DC for career reasons, and in 2014, Justus Zafer was born. The summer after he turned 1, we packed up and moved to Northern Iraq with a few suitcases and a baby bump. We came back to the States to welcome Haven Nura, returned to Iraq with the NGO that we started while living in DC for another 3 months, and are now living in Southeast DC.

I love travel and crossing cultures, I’m passionate about education and refugees and fighting the brokenness in this world – so you’ll find a bit of all of that here on this blog. I want to challenge you to look around and see when, how, and why you should aim to live inter, counter, or cross culturally and how to do that well. I will share some ideas for meeting and getting to know people who look different than you, and also thoughts for parenting or living or working differently than culture expects you to.

I also love to read and think that is a key element of living well here in this world! I want to provide a helpful resource to others, so you will also find reviews to the books I read, and can see the entire library of reviews here.

Thank you for joining!


And how can we live as Kingdom citizens? Is that concept foreign to you? How can we live for a Kingdom we don’t yet see? It all begins at the cross . . . in a place where Jesus died to set captives free, to ransom them, and them win them back, to bring them back to the Kingdom. He has paid a price, that of His own life, to cover our sin which on its own cannot enter Heaven. But with the covering of a perfect sacrifice, we can be counted as Christ, and our righteousness can be traded for His perfect righteousness. We know that God will accept His own Son, and because He offers us Himself, we know we too will be accepted.



  1. Ali Adams

    Just found your cute little blog! So excited to read along on your adventures! We’re visiting DC for the first time come December, (we’re only there for 3 days sadly) so we’re on the look out for must see’s! Excited to have found you!

    1. Post

      Thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be sure to document a few things I find along the way so that you’ll have a good starting point when you get here!!

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